Coming To America


S.S Regina D'Italia

On December 25, 1919 my father, Loreto Morosca age 13, boarded the

  immmigrant passenger ship "Regina D'Italia" at the Port of Naples in Italy 

with his mother, Agnesina (Devincentis) Morosca and his two sisters to 

join his father, Americo (Vito) Morosca for a new life in America



loreto morosca
passenger #6


agnesina (devincentis) morosca

passenger #5



The passenger list states that Agnesina, age 36, her son Loreto and

her two younger daughters were joining their husband/father, Vito

Morosca in Hackensack. It also stated that they had fair complexions

and (whoever recorded this wasn't looking) brown hair and brown eyes.



Below is a description of the Regina d'Italia

The Regina d'Italia was a 6,560 gross ton ship, built by Sir J Laing &

Sons Ltd. Sunderland (engines by G.Clark Ltd, Sunderland) in 1907.

Her details were - length 430 ft.x beam 52.7 ft, two funnels, two

masts, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots. There was accommodation

for 120 1st and 1900 3rd class passengers. Originally laid down as

the "Sardinian Prince" for the British owned Prince Line, she was

purchased on the stocks by Lloyd Sabaudo and launched on 20th

Jan. 1907 as the "Regina d'Italia". She sailed her maiden voyage

from Genoa to Naples, Palermo and New York on the 15th May 1907,

made two Genoa - South American voyages the same year and in Dec.

1908 she was used as a hospital ship after the Messina earthquake.

She continued New York sailings during the Great War up until the end

of 1916 when regular passenger voyages on this route were discontinued

by the company. On 10th April 1907, she resumed N. Atlantic sailings

when she left Genoa for Marseilles and New York and in 1920 she was

refitted to carry second & third class passengers only. On 20th Jan.

1920 she arrived at New York from Constanza, Constantinople, Smyma,

Piraeus and Messina and started her last Genoa-Naples-Boston-New

York voyage on 14th Mar. 1922. In April 1922 she transferred to the

Genoa-South America service, except for a single round voyage

between Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Halifax and New York commencing

22nd May 1924. In October 1928 she was scrapped in Italy.


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